What’s in my makeup bag?/Everyday Makeup


Moisturizer:  Clean&Clear dual action moisturizer

Foundation: KIKO Skin evolution foundation

Concealer: Maybelline Instant Anti-Age “The Eraser Eye”

Highlighter/luminizer: KIKO Radiant touch creamy stick highlighter

Powder: KIKO “Invisible powder” matifying fixing powder

Bronzer/Blush: Maybelline New York Facestudio

Eyebrows: KIKO Eyebrows Fibers coloured mascara

Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked3

Mascara: Maybelline The falsies push up drama

Lips: Yves Rocher lip balm in Vanille





How to Become a Tumblr Girl ❣


Becoming a “tumblr girl” has been the dream of a lot of teens. Just all of the cool outfits, different types of colored messy buns, the super cute winged eyeliner, the knee-high socks, Starbucks drinks & cool looking donuts… All this just looks perfect & cute. Tumblr could be an inspiration for an outfit or a new hairstyle but it doesn’t have to be an obsession… A lot of girls just ruin their selfs just to be like some girls in tumblr, and i say ruin because they even might not like that dress or ombre purple & blue hair. If you are “Tumblr” you aren’t necessary cool, everybody could be cool in his own way. Ok, this was just a little intro but now I’m going to list down below some things that could inspire you the tumblr girl look & “life”.

– Create a tumblr account

– Always have your makeup on point

– experiment with different hairstyles, or hair colors ( if you like them )

– just be different.


Summer makeup routine

Let’s start with the fact that I love makeup. I think it’s one of the ways to express yourself. My makeup routine is pretty basic , and I fell good in it, the same should happen to you. Apply as much or as less makeup you want, don’t care about the hater’s comments.

So, as I just said, my makeup is pretty simple and neutral.

1. I apply a coat of foundation & some concealer under my eyes and on any other imperfection.

2. I set all of that with my translucent powder.

3. I put on some blush to give some colour to my cheeks. I think that blush should be a must in a summer makeup routine, but if you prefer you could apply some bronzer.

4. I skip my eyes or I put on several layers of my favorite mascara.

5. lastly i apply one of my favorite lipsticks or lip glosses. I normally choose neutral dark colors.

Once your makeup is finished, do your hair & put on some of your favorite perfume. ( mine is a vanilla musk perfume ).

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What to bring on holiday ?


So, the holidays are here, & we all are in the holiday spirit. I can’t wait to go to holiday & I was just thinking about the perfect summer holiday outfits. Mostly we experience hot places, so it’s all about being cute wile staying fresh & cool. We enjoy our holidays more when we aren’t sweating…

So here I’m going to show you some of my outfit-ideas.

– most of the clothes should be loose and airy.

– try to experiment with different types of clothes… ( dresses or skirts or colorful shorts )

– try to exclude black and dark wintery colors… Use bright neons or pastels

– play with accessories… ( hats, shoes & jewellery )

– pay attention to the details & spice up your outfits with different hairstyles or makeup

Moisturizing face mask

I decided to do this facial moisturizing mask because it is simple, low cost & fun. All you need is 1 cucumber, 2 tea spoons of lemon juice, 1 tea spoon of honey & 2 table spoons of greek yogurt. Have fun & experiment different face masks, mostly in the summer.

imgres-2 imgres-4


And it’s finish. Beauty is easy, isn’t it?

My everyday makeup

My everyday makeup consists of : the sephora’s CC creme with SPF 30, the BOING concealer by benefit, the sephora’s matifying pressed powder, the KIKO’s soft touch blush no. 101, colours strange, limit & nooner from the NAKED 3 palette by URBAN DECAY, scandaleyes mascara by Kate Moss, sephora’s long lasting kohl pensil in intense black no. 01 and lipstick Caramel Kiss no.10 by N°7.

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