Back to school makeup look! ❤

Everyone wants to look good at least the first day of school, so I got for you guys a back to school makeup look to try.

(∩_∩) Enjoy!

I start by putting on my concealer and blending that in. Next I set that with my powder & to give a little bit of color to my face I apply a blush. skipping to my eyes I’m putting on some liquid eyeliner and some black pencil eyeliner to half of my bottom waterline. I finish the eye look with tons of my favorite mascara. for my lips i normally go neautral.

Finishhhhh! Yayy! love you, xxx ❤

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Teenager = not much money

Teens would like to experiment different outfits, styles and makeup products but they normally don’t have enough money. So my challenge will consist in hepling you guys to find a cheaper version of a little too much expensive product ( make-up or clothes ). ( it will be monthly ).


About Me

Hey guys, I’m going to introduce my self. My name is Giulia and I decided to start this blog to do something different, and hopefully help some of you by answering your questions. Even if I am italian, I’ll write in english so it will easier to understand each other.

By the way, this will be a blog related to beauty & fashion, hope you enjoy.