How to Become a Tumblr Girl ❣


Becoming a “tumblr girl” has been the dream of a lot of teens. Just all of the cool outfits, different types of colored messy buns, the super cute winged eyeliner, the knee-high socks, Starbucks drinks & cool looking donuts… All this just looks perfect & cute. Tumblr could be an inspiration for an outfit or a new hairstyle but it doesn’t have to be an obsession… A lot of girls just ruin their selfs just to be like some girls in tumblr, and i say ruin because they even might not like that dress or ombre purple & blue hair. If you are “Tumblr” you aren’t necessary cool, everybody could be cool in his own way. Ok, this was just a little intro but now I’m going to list down below some things that could inspire you the tumblr girl look & “life”.

– Create a tumblr account

– Always have your makeup on point

– experiment with different hairstyles, or hair colors ( if you like them )

– just be different.